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Emotions in motion

The strength of the Wedding Cinema is the beauty with which it is presented on the screen through a careful selection of shotsand a Set photograph.

Massaro Studio you will provide two professional cameramen ready to catch every tear, hug and moment of happiness so they can create a story unique because it will tell your love.

The chief creative will the choice of the highlights to be boosted, the locations and the atmosphere more suggestive.
Together we will choose the style of the video with multiple colorimetrie, “vintage” to enhance rustic places and classic, or “lively” to give more color to each element of your wedding. You can customize your video, making it unique and never seen.

The equipment that are used are suitable to a product of high quality, high resolution cameras, crane, steadicam and more.


The wedding day is a unique experience in life and deserves the highest quality available on the market. The possibility of being in a movie to fix forever the memory of their wedding is an opportunity that should not be in any way let slip.

The Wedding Cinema makes a special moment memorable.

G + L | Wedding in Taranto

G + I | Special wedding in Trani

E + S | A day of flowers and colors

M + V | Wedding in Apulia from Lugano

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M + V | A glorious history in Cisternino | Apulia | Long Trailer

M + E | A special birthday

G + R | Two loves for life

I + M | Stories of Apulia

M + A | Folklore in masseria

D + M | The passion of love

R + A | You’re a sky full of stars

P + A | From the sky, bless our love

N + S | Il nostro regalo più bello

F + V | A promise of love in the love warm Apulia

D + V | Nel profondo blu del vostro mare

M + L | Little star in the sky

M + A | Wedding under the oak

M + P | A special celebration

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