Massaro Studio with its thirty years of experience, was born from the love of a father who passed down the real value of photography to his son. Today, thanks to my father, my teacher, I am proud to carry on a mission which has became oxygen for my life. I’m telling experiences of love all over the world together with a young team, ready to document in an original way every love story.

Our home is Apulia, we came from Rudolph Valentino’s home town. Here, in Castellaneta, all¬†marriages take shape in our studio where we create with a strong artistic inspiration each masterpiece ¬†which is kept in a gift pack. This is what you have always dreamed of.

Our desire is being remembered by creating a container of memories made of natural and spontaneous images…

It’s a great gratification for us to be here during that day: you putting in our hands so reminds us this is “the best job in the world”.

Browse through our works and let yourself get carried away by sensations in our world.


As a child I was accustomed to observe, every opportunity was good to take the side of my dad.

The growth has led me to have a keen eye for all things that I watched, my source of inspiration is the curiosity and after so many years I found that if you’re curious you can not make the photographer.

A real photographer must be able to look around and take every single move, look, gesture or atmosphere so that the reality is imprinted forever on a photograph.

To date, my teacher left me immense legacy, the gift of knowing how to observe with curiosity and why, for each award I will never stop saying thank you dad.


I think that each of us sees the world through different eyes exactly how each photographer. My photography has to transmit an emotion, a unique feeling, because being able to communicate is very important and equally difficult.

I love to tell the life of every day, the colors of my country, the people, the expressions on their faces, documenting the reality exactly as I do to my marriage.

There be present the day of your wedding is for me a great honor and a great responsibility. Photographing every moment, every hug, every smile and every tear of emotion will be amazing, because, over the years, you can browse the memories kept in a wedding album, yours, and still move you.


The first successes arrive on December 24 of 2013 for my first Christmas without my dad. That morning an email informing me of being in the top 3 winning photographers worldwide the largest organization of Photography of reportage, the WPJA. At that moment I was stunned and incredulous at the thought of having been selected from hundreds of photographers of high caliber but then I tried and got more and more receiving several awards at national and other international.

All this made me realize that most people trust me, the more results we will get and I will never stop to thank everyone who believed in me and in my work. I will be happy to give you all my victories in one click.

3rd place worldwide WPJA – Photojournalist

3 international awards FEARLESS Photographers

5 national awards ANFM

Among the 250 best photographers in the world BEST OF WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY

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